Homescapes Hack Unlimited Coins Trick Tips and Guide

If you think that you don’t need any Homescapes hack help or generator, it means that you are ready to dedicate your gaming time completely to do the traditional and manual work. Sure, not everyone wants to get help from the hack generator, thinking that it is just the same as cheating. However, never underestimate the power and the function of the hack generator that can actually improve your gaming enjoyment to the highest level!

Homescapes Hack: How To Use

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Tutorial To Use Homescapes Hack

1. Click hack tool now!

2. Input username

3. Select resources you want to add


5. Follow next instructions

6. Received your resources in the game!

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Homescapes Hack: Generator

homescapes hack

If you are wondering why you should use Homescapes hack to help you with the game, there are several good reasons for using one. First of all, have you ever tried to complete a game but you only meet failure and failure again? Have you ever been stuck on a stage for so long that you start to get bored (and even sick) of the game? These are the reasons why using the Homescapes hack. Remember, using the hack is advisable but it is not mandatory, so you are free to use it or not. It is completely up to you.

The hack generator is used to create unlimited numbers of resources that include lives, stars, and coins. Are you running out of lives but you still want to play? Using the hack will give you limitless lives so you can continue playing. Are you running out of coins or stars for the renovation? No worry. You can activate the hack and have the abundance of resources at your disposal. Never underestimate the function of the hack generator because it can seriously improve your gaming experience.

There are basically two ways for you to get resources. You can either buy them or get them for free. The previous method is okay if you are loaded. The latter one is more favorable because you can use the hack generator and not spend a time. Quite interesting, eh?

How The Homescapes Hack Generator Works

After successfully Madden NFL Mobile 18 Hack tool release, we create this tool for you now! So, how does this Homescapes hack generator operates, anyway? First of all, you can always choose the online one although there are also generators that can be used for offline periods. These kinds of generators require downloading and installation to make sure that you have enough space on your device. If you don’t want to deal with fussy work, then go with the online system. Most of these online systems are compatible with all kinds of operating systems and devices, such as iPads, Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Do you have older iPhones? No need to worry; you can still use the system.

The direct implementation is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to provide information about your account (your gaming username, that is) and the resources that you want. Fill in many stars, lives, and coins you want to have and continue. In most cases, these hack generators are connected to your gaming account. So once you have completed the hacking mode, you can return to your game and find out that your resources have added up.

Homescapes: The Game

Are you familiar with the 3 match slash simulation game? It is the game where you need to match 3 similar shapes and color so you can remove them. Simply swap the place and you can have the matching 3 pairs right away. Such a game may look simple and easy. It is simple, alright, but hold on to the easiness. It takes keen eyes and fast movement to know and identify a spot. When such a game is combined with speed, all you get is a fast and challenging platform that requires you to do all it takes to succeed.

This is the idea of Homescapes, designed by Playrix. If you ever play Gardenscapes and you feel a familiar sense about the game, no need to worry because Gardenscapes is the inspiration for the Homescapes. Whereas in Gardenscapes, you are responsible for taking care of the garden, it is going to be a bit different with the Homescapes. You will be responsible for renovating the house. And how are you going to do so? Through completing different tasks that should be done through the 3 match slash simulation game. The main character, Austin, is the butler who is actually the son of the house’s owners. He is trying so hard to prevent the house from his childhood to be sold, and this is why he needs your help to fix and renovate it. Sounds like an interesting idea?

Again, the basic of the game is pretty simple. If you previously have played Gardenscape, everything will be familiar – and you basically know what to do because the obstacles are almost the same. The obstacles and the power-ups are all almost similar.  There are some basic facts about the Homescapes that may be handy to you – and it can help you with your game.

Learning the Basic

If you compare the Homescapes with other matching 3 games, you will see a significant difference. Other games may allow you to play past games or replay the levels. They may also allow you to use a map, but it isn’t so with this game. You can only get access to the current stage – no past replay game or whatsoever is allowed. Once you are able to complete a stage, you will get a star – plus, you will be able to unlock the next (and possibly higher) level.

You do want to get the stars because they are the crucial parts of the renovation. Stars are the major components and elements of the game. It allows you to progress to the next story as well as doing the renovation work. When you play the game, you will get instructions like, “fixing the stairs’ or ‘put up the wallpaper’. Without the stars, you won’t be able to complete the tasks. So, get the idea why you should be playing the matching 3 games? Yes, so you can get the stars and help to renovate the house.

What if you want to keep the stars and not following Austin’s instructions to complete the tasks? Of course, you can do it too, but why would you? Isn’t the part of playing the game is to help Austin and his renovation work? Isn’t the whole idea of playing the game is to help with the house renovation in the first place?

Crucial Matter about Power-Ups

This is a matching 3 game, which means that you can enjoy a special benefit when you are able to match 4 or more. When you are able to create 4 or even 5 matching up, you will activate the power-ups which can be advantageous for you – and also be used later on. There are different kinds of power-ups for now:

  • Bomb. If you are able to match 5 within the L shape formation, you will get a bomb. It is handy to blow up anything within two square range proximity. Bomb usually explodes within a circle so you want to avoid using it close to the edge because it will be such a waste of the power.
  • Rocket. You can match 4 within a column or a row to get this. It will fire across your screen, destroying all the tiles within the column or row. The direction of the rocket itself depends on the tiles you have matched. If you match a column, it will face horizontally. If you match a row, it will face vertically.
  • Paper plane. Just like the rocket, you need to match 4 within a square to get the paper plane. It can remove four tiles below, left, right, and above directly, before finally flying to a single tile to hit it. Paper plane always chooses one tile that is useful when removed. It is a super handy power up because of its ability to reach other areas that are far from the target area. You may want to consider a strategy where you can activate it during last stages so it is helpful. Activating it during the early stage is useless – almost pointless.
  • Rainbow ball. You should match 5 within a column or row to get it. It will effectively remove all the tiles within the same colors that you have swapped. It is super handy when you want to remove a lot of tiles within a single move.

Another cool thing about the power-ups in this game is that they can be combined with one another. For instance, if you match paper plane and bomb, the plane paper will take the bomb to the destination and release the effect there, creating super and targeted removal system.

Focus, Focus, and Focus

It is important that you focus on the given task and certain victorious condition. When you enter a stage, you will see that such a condition require you to remove or even collect a certain tiles number or types. You want to focus on the task and don’t bother removing other obstacles that aren’t related to your task. Focusing on your task will ensure efficient winning while focusing and fussing yourself on other matters will only hinder your success. It may take a while to get used to it, but if you will get the hang of it as your progress. Focus on the given task and don’t be distracted by others.

You will see that determined focus and the inclusion of Homescapes hack generator will do you tons of good outcomes. You should be able to clear off the obstacles efficiently while the generator will provide you with limitless resources that you need to progress. Keep in mind that you can get 60 coins per completed stage, and if you are doing the super fine job, you will also get bonuses. But if you have the generator by your side, you don’t need to worry about such a thing. Hey, why bother will all of that stuff when you know that you have the unlimited resources?

Some Considerations about the Hack Generator

Although having this Homescapes hack generator seems to be super handy and useful, there are some considerations that you need to make before using the hack generator. Here are some of them:

  • Some providers offer different types of generators – the downloaded one and the online one. It is up to you to choose which one you like
  • Some generators may be designed for a specific operating system, such as for Windows phone only or for iPhone users only. Make sure that you understand the generator and its implementation, including the specific points it has or serves
  • Some generators may allow you to use it free of charge, and you don’t have to do anything else. However, in most cases, the free generators require you to fill in some surveys or to show you some ads. Depending on your preference and comfort, you can either choose these generators or find others without any specific requirements or whatsoever.
  • You want to choose the legit and reliable providers only and it’s only here! Stay away from shady websites that may only trick and trap you into using their services. Don’t fall into sweet offers or too-good-to-be-true promises.

The last thing to remember is never to get greedy. Even from the one-time application, you can get unlimited resources as much as you want. Make use of them until you are running out of them. Don’t use the generator too much and too often. Remember to play it smart and wise. 

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