Dewalt DW089K review 2018 Before You Buy It

Working on a civil construction project? Dewalt DW089K is something that you need right now. The Dewalt DW089K is a self-leveling system that lets you to check the level of your construction by the laser technology. The 3 beam lasers are there to get you the perfect alignment and leveling of the construction surfaces. You need to have this for the facilities that you dreamt of having before starting the construction company. The device can be used in any physical conditions, and there are ways in which you can use it for the impossible conditions. Here is the Dewalt DW089K review.


The Dewalt DW089K is the best construction leveling device which has many uses based on the project you are working on. The device can easily do the commercial and residential tasks that require leveling and aligning. The device can easily accomplish the tasks of installing drop ceilings, cabinets, doors, chair rails or may be windows. You can have the complete package without doing much. This will be explained in the Dewalt DW089K review.

The three line system

The device has three different layers that will be discussed in Dewalt DW089K review. The three laser beams angle themselves to give you the perfect alignment. The third laser beam uses the angle 90 degrees with the floor or ceiling and lets you have the perfect alignment of the surface. The perfect calibration of the device allows it to make flawless measurements. The out-of-leveled surface is easily detected and communicated by the device. There is no way that you are going to lose a certain point of failure. The device saves your time and you the complete measurement in the best way possible. The device is really helpful in all sort of residential and commercial applications. You are talking about the best device if you are looking for one.

Special features

The device can be considered as the blessing. In the small tasks like windows, ceilings, and chair rails, the alignments are quite important. You can spend most of the time there rather than doing something more important. This device is the best that you can have to fight against this situation. The complete special features of the device are right here that make it the best for the task. Dewalt DW089K review let you know the special features of the product.

  • The three laser system gives you the best measurements and alignments that you can trust. There will be no faulty alignment. The problematic areas are detected at once, and you can have them fixed right away. The laser is also the best way of saving your time. The three lasers will make the calculations and the measurements quite easy.
  • The device is best for the commercial usage. You do not have to arrange any additional equipment to do the job done. The device is capable of covering a large area in the commercial mode, and you do not have to worry about any area being missed from the observation.
  • The adjustable knob on the device lets you to easily calibrate the laser to have the 90-degree angle without doing much. There is no need to calibrate the device again and again. You can easily adjust the lasers to do that if you are working in small areas. The one button configuration and setting of the device lets you to use it with ease. There is no need of getting through a complete training before using the device. It is very easy to operate.
  • The device is quite reliable. You do not have a fear of the device getting damaged. The material that is used to make the device is capable of working at any part of the world. You can use it under any physical conditions. The internal measurement and laser system is quite safe, and there is no way that any minor damage or shock can alter it. The device is not likely to give you any false result under any circumstances.
  • The height and the light are some of the reasons for the incorrect alignment detection and measuring. The reason is that the light distorts the laser and the receiver does not get the proper beam. This device is calibrated to work in the highlight and give you the best results. The beam on the device is 2 times stronger than the beam that is used in the normal devices.
  • The price of the device is once again something that must not be forgotten. The device is available at a very affordable price. You do not have to make a scratch on your wallet to get that device. The construction is the building block of everything, if you do not spend much on it, then you are going to suffer. The affordable price is for you not to suffer much and get the best construction tool for your construction company.
  • The accuracy is amongst the distinguishable factors of the device. You can get the results until 1/8th of the inch. The complete control over the device is obtained by the knob fixed on it. You can easily gain this accuracy for the different surfaces by setting the knob properly for the surface.

Pros and cons

The device is a complete package having all the facilities that you want from a construction based leveling device, but there are always some advantages and disadvantages of everything which will be discussed in this Dewalt DW089K review. Here is a small discussion on how the device can be compared with its pros and cons.


  • The three layering system is seriously the best technology that you can get in leveling and alignments. You do not have to go with the traditional time-tasking alignment tools like the measuring tape to measure.
  • The device is quite reasonable and has the best prices. You do not have to worry about anything while purchasing it. The device has all the features that you can expect from the ideal construction level measuring and laser alignment techniques.
  • The device is also famous for the working any sort of physical conditions. Even in the highlight, where you cannot measure the laser correctly, this device is using the best laser technology that keeps working the even in the strongest light.


  • The device is a bit heavy to handle.


The conclusion of the above decision is that this device is really a blessing as compared with the other methods you have for the layout and alignment project. Handle the device with care, and you will not regret having this device in your hand.