DEWALT DW088K Review Latest Review 2018

When it comes to the construction tasks, everyone wants to have the device that is best for the tasks at hand. The layout projects are quite a problem when it comes to using the traditional devices. The tapes and the traditional methods are quite cumbersome, and you need to have patience as well as a lot of practice to perform. Even then there is quite a chance that the result will not be in accordance with the expectations. The DEWALT DW088K is the hero in this matter. The laser system is the best way of checking the leveling and the alignment of the surfaces. There are many unique features of laser that make it the best candidate in the leveling checking technologies. The DEWALT DW008K is the device that uses the advanced surface level checking method to help you in your layout projects and tasks. Here is the DEWALT DW088K Review.

The laser system

The system that is used is commonly referred to as the cross line leveling system. In this system the device does not use one single laser line, in fact, it uses two lines crossing each other to check the leveling of the surface. It is a high-efficiency method that allows you have the most accurate results for the layout tasks. The cross line laser system is best when you have an irregular shape of the surface under observation. This laser system is something that will change your way of construction. It will save not only your time but also save your cost on the project.

Special features

The special features of the device will be discussed here in the DEWALT DW088K Review. If you are interested in the quality work, you need to have the equipment that gives you what you really need. Here are some of the features of the device that make it so special.

Different modes for specific areas

It is clear that not one system is capable of handling all of the construction sites. There are times when you have to work on a small surface and sometimes an external large surface or construction is in consideration. The internal construction does not have any special requirements for the layout projects thus there is a normal mode for such layout and leveling tasks. However, the construction tasks that are conducted external and at large scale need special attention and conditions. The bright sunlight can distort the less bright laser light. Thus the device is capable of adjusting the strength of the laser light in the case of external construction. The range of the laser can also be selected for the area specific tasks. You need to have a large range for the external projects.

Improve the productivity

The DEWALT DW088K Review is here to let you know how you can improve the productivity using this device. The device is the best thing that can ever happen to you when you are dealing with the construction projects. The productivity of the device is so enhanced that once you use it, all your projects will be waiting for it. No matter if you are dealing with the plumbing tasks, leveling tasks or any other surface leveling. This device will prove to be the best. The cross line leveling and alignment method is the best way to make your doors, wallpapers and cabinets straight and beautiful. The device can be used in everything where you need to have the task done straight.

Self-leveling cross lines

Calibration is one of the most important and cumbersome tasks of the alignment devices. So much time was spent on older devices to calibrate them and make them able to level the surface under discussion. This problem is solved by the DEWALT DW088K. The cross line laser system is capable of calibrating itself according to the physical conditions of the area where you are using the device. There is no need of manually setting the device. The device knows it all, and it is there to help you with whatever you are constructing.


One thing that is to be highlighted in this DEWALT DW088K Review is that one thing that is not compromised in this device is the reliability. The device is rested a million of times, and there is no chance of any error in the readings. The surface that is not leveled will be detected as soon as you turn on the machine. The accuracy of the device will not be compromised at any level. More on reliability is that the device is best for the use in hard physical conditions. It is made with quality material, and you do not have to worry about the device getting damaged. It is not a sensitive device, but it knows how to work on the construction site.


Just because you do not have enough money does not mean that you do not deserve the best. The price of this tremendous device is quite affordable. There is no special price for the device. You will find it quite easy to purchase the device. It will not put any scratch in your pocket. Despite all the special features of the device, it is quite affordable, and you can have the best layout projects by this device by not paying many dimes. This is the best thing that could ever happen to you.


  • The perfect alignment using the horizontal and vertical cross lines.
  • The special detectors can be used to receive the laser during the large scale construction.
  • The device is safe, and there is no way that there will be damaged caused to it.
  • The device will be mounted on a special integrated magnetic pivoting base with special threads.


  • It is sometimes difficult to handle the device due to base problems and weight.


The conclusion from the above DEWALT DW088K Review, it is evident that you must not be wasting your time any further. It is your chance of a lifetime. Order the product right now for your upcoming construction project so that you can have the most comfortable layout projects. The device has no apparent cons, and if you are looking for something, then DW088K must be that thing. The advanced laser system will be the thing that you will fall in love with. The advanced capabilities of the device and the different modes of operations make it the best.