Bosch GPL5 Review And Buyer Guides 2018

If you are a contractor, then you must know that how hard the situation is when you have to align a surface for the construction. The doors, windows, and the cabinets look hideous when you do not get them aligned properly. The older devices were quite difficult to use, and the methods were also cumbersome. Today we have the blessing of the laser that has helped us in getting our layout projects completed in the best way possible. Many devices are using this technology for the leveling and alignment tasks. Bosch GPL5 is one of the devices that is using the same technology for the task. Here is the Bosch GPL5 Review that will help you to make your find for buying it.


The first thing to be discussed in the Bosch GPL5 Review is the laser system. The laser system is used in the device. First of all, talking about the laser system, it is the best system for the alignment of the surfaces. This is because of some of the special properties of the laser. First of all, the laser is quite difficult to bend and is straight path light. Thus if you are to align or level a surface, it can be the best.

Now let’s talk about the laser system that is being used in the device: The device uses reference lines and then using these lines the laser is set, and the device is calibrated. The device has the quad mirror technology, integrated reference lines, and the smart pendulum leveling system. The laser system that is used is quite reliable, and you cannot question the accuracy of the system. The laser system is something that makes the device very useful. Using the reference lines and the laser lines, the device calibrates itself. The laser is generated by a device that is properly designed for this task and has the special features according.

Special features

A newer technology

The device has the ultimate laser system. It has integrated reference lines that allow one to exact positioning of the device. The best part is that the device is capable of perfectly plumb, align and square points. The data or measurements are saved in the device, even if you switch it off. You do not have to worry about calculations if the device has suddenly gone down. The battery is also placed in a comfortable compartment. Thus the batteries are quite easy to access. The device can be easily set on a magnetic stand.

Laser specifics

The laser system that is used in the device has an accuracy of 1/4-inch at 100-feet and a range of 100-feet. The device operates at self-leveling mode. The laser diode is from class 2 635-nanometer that has the power consumption of less than 1 mW. The mount threading is 5/8-inch at 11 and 1/4-inch at 20. The device is quite nice with the physical conditions, and it can work really well at 24-degrees Fahrenheit (-10-degrees Celsius) to 122-degrees Fahrenheit (50-degrees Celsius).

The complete dimensions of the device are as:

4.1-inches by 3.1-inches by 1.6-inches and it weigh 1 pound.


There is nothing more than the reliability of this device. The manufacturer knows that you are in need of a device that can be blindly trusted. Thus the device that you are holding in hand is the most reliable device ever. It is tested many times, and now the results of the device are completely perfect. More than that, the device has some really strong body. There is no way that the device is going to get damaged due to some mild shock. Just a mild damage can not damage the laser system that is fitted inside. You do not have to worry about that because the material used in one of the best.


When it comes to such construction related devices, they are quite expensive. But the good news is that the device is not that much expensive. You do not have to spend too much money for buying this device. The straightening of the layout projects is quite an important and difficult task thus everyone needs this device. Just because you do not have a lot of money does not mean that you do not need the best.

Easy to use

The best part of the Bosch GPL5 Review is that the device is quite easy to use.  There are no techno panels that are to be used to get the task done. The device is one-button operated. There is no need to be a certified operator for the device. Anyone can operate that using the simple one button. The device can be placed anywhere and then you can easily use it for the layout projects. The difficult tasks of leveling, aligning and plumbing can be easily performed by using this device. It’s nothing but a blessing.

What is inside the box?

The device has quite a box that contains equipment related to the device. It has all the tools that you will require in the future.

  • First, there is the device, capable of aligning, plumbing and squaring the surfaces. It comes in the best condition and looks really elegant.
  • Set of batteries to operate the device properly. You do not have to go and look for the better batteries. You have the best with you.
  • Safety of your device is quite important thus special pouch is there to cover the device when not in used and can be protected by the physical conditions.
  • A mounting strap is also there to help you carry such a device which appears to be a problem.
  • A multipurpose attachment is also there to help you attach the device in different situations, with different things.
  • The recalibrating strap is also there.


  • A complete leveling and aligning device.
  • Works perfect in all physical conditions.
  • Accuracy and reliability.
  • Adaptive and affordable.


  • It is sometimes difficult to handle the device due to its weight.


The conclusion is evident from the Bosch GPL5 Review that this device is the best layout project device that can ever be here. You must have it in your hands whether you are a plumber or a professor. You all need to have it or else you are wasting your time.