Bosch GLL 2 review 2018

The fact that you need a perfect plan to get the layout project done brings a race for the different devices. Your layout projects are the most important of all. You cannot get these tasks done with the high accuracy and reliability; all your hard work will be lost. Keeping in view the older methods, the leveling, and alignment tasks were the real pain in the neck, but with the new Bosch GLL2, these tasks are made easy. The device has some real features that make it the best contender in the market. Here is the Bosch GLL 2 review that will let you know that what you are spending on.

Laser technology

The Laser is the best technology that can be employed for the layout and the leveling tasks. The laser has two features that make it the best. One is that the laser travels in the straight line if you want to check whether the surface is straight or not, you can use the laser for the accurate answer. The second is that the laser is concentrated and it has quite a large range. Thus you have the advantage that it will not get distracted.

The device uses two layer laser system that gives you the best results for the leveling tasks. The horizontal and vertical lines make it easy to have the details of the surface. The two lines will give you the wide array of the surface that will let you have the complete view of the area under consideration. The laser system is quite efficient, and you can have the reliable and accurate value. The self-leveling system will make things quite easy for you as you do not have to worry about small calibration issues.

Easy to operate

The device has the unique feature that it can be operated easily. There is no complicated panel that you need to know for the leveling tasks. The device is quite easy to use. It can be called one button device. There is mainly one button that helps you use the whole device without any complications. You do not have to get a diploma to operate the device. All you need to know is that task that you are supposed to do with the machine and use the one button for it. The device has the unique ability to calibrate itself and thus you do not have to go through long procedures of calibration.


One of the features that will be discussed in detail in the Bosch GLL 2 review of the device is that it is completely reliable. You cannot afford a leveling device that is prone to errors. If one single calculation is faulty, your whole work may get disturbed. Thus the device is completely reliable; you do not have to double check the readings. Once it clears the surface that means that you have done a pretty good work. The device can work in all physical conditions. You do not have to worry about whether it will be safe to use the device in any particular situation.


When it comes to leveling and alignment devices, one of the major problems is that you cannot mount them everywhere. Now, it is not every day that you found a polished and cemented a place for your device. The device must be capable of getting mounted on any surface. The Bosch GLL2 has this quality. No matter whether you have to use it on the floor or the walls, the device is flexible enough to mount on it. The more difficult surface there for the device the mount, the more it will impress you with its flexibility.

Self-leveling and smart pendulum system

There were few problems in the previous devices that you have been using for the layout projects is that they were not able to self-calibrate and more than that they results and the observations of the devices could not be saved. The Bosch GLL2 has the unique feature of self-leveling and you do not have to worry about calibrating the device. More than that, the smart pendulum system will help you saving the values of the observations. If the device gets powered off due to any reason on the construction site, then you have to worry about nothing as the device will lock the values and you can use them as soon as the power comes up.


Your construction site is not always uniform. You have to work in different areas, and you have to make sure that your device works perfectly in all the physical conditions. If you are working inside and you need the concentrated laser light in the area right in front of you. On the contrary, if you are working in the external, then you need to have the device that can provide you a high range laser with ultra-accuracy. According to this Bosch GLL 2 review, All these features are available on this device, and you can use it in any sort of tasks, whether internal layout projects or the external ones.


The device is the best in what it has to offer. The special features of the device have allowed it to have the international appreciation. The device has many pros, and they will be discussed in the Bosch GLL 2 review.

  • Advanced leveling and alignment system.
  • It can work in all the physical conditions.
  • The device has the unique ability to self-calibrate.
  • It is quite reliable and is completely safe to use.
  • The device has the capability of keeping its data and observation locked.


  • It is difficult to handle the device


The layout tasks are quite important. It is the apparent beauty of the construction. If you cannot get it right, then there is no point of being a contractor. You must have the Bosch GLL2 because it has all the abilities that a good leveling device must have. You need to order it right now so that you can get your next layout project completed in the best quality. The conclusion after all the above Bosch GLL 2 review is that you must have this device if you want your tasks to get completed in the best quality.